how to use tegua protein nut butter?

Peanut butter is a natural source of: protein, healthy fats, vitamins and various vital minerals such as magnesium and potassium. Below you can see in more detail exactly why each of these is so important in anybody’s diet, but especially for the serious athlete:

Your body uses the amino acids found in protein to build and repair muscle tissue. Protein-rich foods like peanut butter also make you feel fuller for longer. Like other plant proteins, the protein in peanuts doesn’t provide all the amino acids you need. But a glass of milk, for example, completes the set. The whey isolate in tegua is a protein your body digests superfast. So your get all those protein benefits even quicker.

Peanut butter offers the benefits of various minerals including potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and calcium. Potassium is important for regulating healthy blood pressure and a good functioning heart. Calcium and magnesium play a role in healthy bones; zinc is important for vision and healing any wounds you get doing your sport. Iron is a necessary nutrient for healthy blood oxygenation.

Peanut butter is a good source of various different B vitamins you need so your body can use the energy it gets from food you eat.

Healthy Fats
Peanut butter has the same saturated-to-unsaturated fats ratio as olive oil. The polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats it contains lower your risk of heart disease by reducing harmful cholesterol in your bloodstream. These same healthy fats also prevent type 2 diabetes.

Whey is also a 100% natural product. We add it to tegua 36% (not 27%) because it’s not only protein-rich like peanuts, it has the added advantage that our bodies digest it extremely quickly. And we know how important that is for serious athletes. For example, to optimize muscle recovery from the wear-and-tear of a heavy weights session or interval training as quickly as possible afterwards.

Unfortunately, there are many products on the market that claim, or insinuate, they’re natural and healthy, when that’s not really true. Read the (very) small print, and you discover they contain all sorts of stuff that any athlete who knows the importance of good nutrition wouldn’t want to touch.

With tegua, by contrast, the list of ingredients is very short: peanut butter, whey isolate (in 36%, not 27%), coconut (in tegua coconut) and almond (in tegua almond). And that’s it. Nothing added, nothing taken away. So tegua is also free from GMOs, palm oil, preservatives, sweeteners and artificial flavors. 100% natural, 100% transparent.

Obviously serious athletes like yourself need to eat healthily round-the-clock. But two of the most critical points in the day, that really separate the dietary winners from the losers, are breakfast and snacking moments.

tegua is the ideal breakfast food. Providing the right proportions of protein and fat for a perfect start to the day for all sportspeople. Combine it with natural or wholewheat bread, porridge, toast, oatmeal or pancakes for the long-lasting energy you need to get the most out of your morning workout and minimize those snack urges during the rest of the day.

burning so many calories in a day, it’s sometimes inevitable you feel a slight energy dip or the need for a quick refueling between meals. So if you have to snack, make it smart snacking. tegua satisfies your hunger with the protein and good (unsaturated) fats your body needs. But equally important, it also stimulates your metabolism to help you stabilize your eating habits.

Obviously tegua doesn’t meet all your dietary needs. Here are a few examples of perfect foods to combine with tegua, each one of them every bit as natural as tegua itself:

natural or whole-wheat bread, porridge, toast, oatmeal, pan-cakes.

quinoa, skimmed quark or cottage cheese.

Basically, as a sportsperson there are 3 moments when you can eat or drink something: before training/competing; during training/competition and after training/competing.

Before training/competing

Strength athlete:
your ideal pre-performance food should contain 30-40% fat and 30-40% protein. Tegua has 10% carbs, 36% protein & 39% fat, making it the perfect natural match with your pre-trainingrequirements.

Endurance athlete:
ideally, you need to have consumed lots of protein prior to training/competing. Tegua gives you that protein in a for that’s natural and easy to digest.

During training/competing

Not advised. Using tegua while doing your sport will disturb your body’s efforts to burn carbs, as it will try to process the peanuts instead. With a negative effect on your performance.

Strength athlete:
when training/competing stick to water, BCAAs or a banana.

Endurance athlete:
when training/competing stick to carb-rich drinks, gels and water.

After training/competing

Strength athlete:
post-exercise protein intake is vital for muscle building, so tegua is a convenient natural solution. After intensive sessions, such as weight training, you need that protein fast. We recommend drinking a protein shake straight away, as your body absorbs protein fastest in liquid form. tegua is an ideal protein-rich natural ingredient for that shake. Alternatively, try following up a whey shake with tegua and a banana or another carb-rich food.

Endurance athlete:
Protein is vital for the muscle recovery your body needs. Combine tegua with a carb-rich food source, such as a banana, for the perfect natural recovery fuel following intensive endurance exercise. And because you burn so many calories when training, tegua is also a smart natural way to satisfy those hunger cravings you get later in the day.

tegua benefits both main categories of sportspeople: the strength athlete and the endurance athlete.

For strength athletes
tegua provides protein, carbs and fat in the perfect ratios to assist lean muscle development and aid post-training muscle recovery after tough workouts.

For endurance athletes
tegua provides a great natural source of protein, which you need in high quantities to be able to sustain and recover from intensive endurance exercise.

OK, here you go:

1. tegua is a rich natural source of proteins, magnesium, vitamins & minerals.

2. tegua has a perfect mix for lean muscle development: 10% carbs, 36% protein, 39% fat.

3. we’ve added whey isolate, which your body digests very quickly, so your muscles get vital nourishment the moment they need it.

4. tegua is ideal for both strength and endurance athletes.

5. tegua is a perfect protein boost pre-training and ideal for muscle recovery post-training.

6. tegua is a great natural snack throughout your busy day. Quickly refuelling burnt calories and stimulating your metabolism to help you feel fuller for longer.

Although most sportspeople accept that for optimal nutrition you must sometimes make sacrifices when it comes to taste, it doesn’t have to be that way. Because tegua is pure peanut butter, it really does taste completely natural.

And though we find it hard to imagine, we know some people aren’t quite as nuts about peanuts as we are at tegua. So for you (and actually for any sportsperson) here’s a few suggestions:

• In a shake: your body digests quickest in fluid form. So try a post-training shake that combines tegua, milk and a carb-rich food like banana.

• In a sandwich with wholewheat bread and maybe some cucumber

• Mix it in with your breakfast porridge...

• Stir it into a bowl of quinoa at suppertime