The Power of Peanuts

We believe in functional natural nutrition. Based on the highest quality peanuts and nuts. Due to their naturally high amounts of fibers and protein Nuts and Peanuts are rapidly becoming the new super-food and they fit any healthy diet. That is why we created a range of products based on the power of Nuts and Peanuts. With added ingredients to further enhance these natural benefits.

Why choose Tegua?

We source our Peanuts from carefully selected suppliers world-wide. We offer maximum Transparency and Traceability.

Our Peanuts are roasted to perfection and made into a world-class Peanut Butter. All in our Roasting and Processing plant in The Netherlands. Furthermore, we have our own Test Kitchen where our Nut Experts find the perfect blend of flavors and consistency.

We are always on the look-out for new flavor pairings and ways to enhance the natural benefits of Peanut Butter. This is why our range of products is constantly expanding. Stay tuned for more!

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